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Travel restrictions soon to be eased? What to do on the restart to support our tourism industry.

By: :Sam Wyatt 0 comments
Travel restrictions soon to be eased? What to do on the restart to support our tourism industry.


As most caravan owners begin to suffer cabin fever from the heavily imposed travel restrictions, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

As one industry that has been heavily impacted, the tourism industry has been decimated across not just our own country, but around the world. With hotels, motels, tourist venues such as Ularu, Phillip Island, Coober Pedy and just about every other business and destination you can think of, all seeing their turnover decrease by more than 90% overnight. It’s important that we start to think of how Australians can help rebuild our economy and our tourism industry. Particularly the caravan industry.

The Australian tourism industry makes up some 3 million plus jobs and an annual contribution to the economy of more than $44.6 billion AUD for the 2019 financial year. When we put that into perspective and consider the drop in spending because of the COVID-19 pandemic, It’s easy to see that under the right conditions, Australians can easily kick start the Australian economy by doing a few small things.

It’s also amazing to think that the caravan industry is responsible for more than 53,000 jobs and over $20 billion AUD of that revenue alone.

So how can we all help get this country back on its feet?

Well maybe we can all start with something small and here are a few of our suggestions…

  • Plan to visit a small town you haven’t been to in a while, or been to ever before.
  • Stay in a caravan park you’ve never stayed in before.
  • Spend a weekend and $100.00 on a meal in a local town.
  • Book a tour with a local guide.
  • Visit your local caravan repairer and get your caravan ready to hit the road. Most are offering discounts to get your business.
  • If you plan to upgrade your caravan, get in to your dealer and negotiate a deal. They’re all dying to have your business so you’ll probably get the best deals going around.

We’d love to think that in only a few short weeks (Hopefully around the Queens Birthday weekend in June) we may be able to start travelling with our families again. Of course we expect there will be limitations, and we will still most likely be required to comply with some social distancing protocols. But at least we will be able to start helping these businesses and small towns get back on their feet.

All caravan businesses that are still open would love to have you contact them and make an appointment. We contacted Victoria Police and our local MP to confirm and clarify and you are allowed to travel with your caravan for repairs or service in the state of Victoria. So don't be worried about if you are or aren't allowed. You definately are. You'll be supporting some people's livelihood.

So do your part, make a booking, fix or service your caravan, be ready to hit the road and most of all, stay safe.

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