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84012 Equivalent 60mm Diameter Red Screw On Reflector


Used widely across the caravan industry on brands such as Jayco, Supreme, Roma, Regal, Regent, Windsor, Franklin, Millard, New Age, Nova, Elite, Coromal and many others.


The 84012 Equivalent 60mm Diameter Red Screw On Reflector is an essential safety accessory that offers reliable performance and easy installation, making it a valuable addition to any vehicle or equipment.

High Visibility: The red color provides excellent visibility, enhancing safety by reflecting light in low-light conditions.

Durable Construction: Made from robust materials that withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive, industrial, and recreational vehicles.

Material: High-quality plastic or acrylic

Reflective Surface: Prismatic pattern for maximum reflectivity

Mounting Screws: Included with the reflector

Dimensions: 60mm diameter, standard thickness

Vehicles: Enhances visibility on cars, trucks, and trailers.

Bicycles: Improves safety for cyclists by increasing visibility to other road users.

Industrial Equipment: Useful for marking equipment and machinery for better visibility in work environments.

Road Safety: Can be used for road markers or traffic safety signs.

Safety Enhancement: Helps to reduce accidents by making objects more visible in low-light conditions.

Weather Resistant: Functions effectively in rain, snow, and other adverse weather conditions.

Cost-Effective: Provides an affordable solution for increasing visibility and safety.

Position the Reflector: Identify the desired location for the reflector.

Mark the Holes: Use the reflector to mark the screw positions.

Drill Holes: If necessary, drill pilot holes at the marked positions.

Attach the Reflector: Align the reflector with the holes and use the included screws to secure it in place.

Check Security: Ensure the reflector is firmly attached and does not move.

Regular Cleaning: Wipe the reflector with a damp cloth to maintain its reflective properties.