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Please note that our hours of operation this weekend are closing Thursday 5:00 PM and reopens on Monday at 8:30 AM.

Our Van RV are service and repair agents for Atlantic Caravans

When booking for a repair to be claimed under the warranty policy provided with your caravan and its associated components and appliances, it is important to know the following information BEFORE you arrive at the dealership.

Our Van RV does not make the final decision if a fault is covered by the warranty policy on your Atlantic Caravan or component.

Each and every repair must be assessed to determine the primary cause of the fault and then the information passed on to the correct manufacturer for authority to repair.

  • Where the primary cause of the concern IS covered by the warranty policy, the entire diagnosis, repair and/or replacement of the faulty item will be covered by the warranty and charged by authority to the responsible party.
  • Where the primary cause of the concern IS NOT covered by the warranty policy or where no warrantable defect is able to be foundthe entire diagnosis, repair and/or replacement of the faulty item are the sole responsibility of the party named on the repair order (Job Card).
    • Diagnosis fees will apply at our standard retail labour rate at time taken by our technician(s), even if the repair(s) are not completed or resolved. 
    • An estimate to repair will be provided. It is then be up to the named party to choose to carry out the repair and accept the charges or not.

Pleased refer to this link or your booklets provided at new delivery to view the warranty policy provided by Atlantic Caravans and your component or appliance manufacturers before you arrive at the dealership.

All diagnosis and repair invoices must be settled in full prior to collection of the caravan post diagnosis or repair.

If you are unsure, please ask our team for our current hourly rate or to clarify this for you.


Service Team - Our Van RV