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Most sealant (silicone) manufacturers warrant their product for 5-10 years if applied in accordance with their instructions and under perfect conditions. If your caravan is in or over that age, then you need to complete regular inspections and maintenance to prevent your caravan from having water ingress issues. 

Once water gets in to the wall or ceiling cavity of a caravan and cannot get out, the water is left sitting against ply-boards, timber framing and electrical wiring. 

Even most caravans with aluminium frames still have ply lined walls and ceilings and timber inside the walls in some form or another as well as wiring. So you still need to keep on top of regular sealant maintenance. 

Often water leaks into caravans are found long after they have begun as the water usually is trapped into small sections of a wall or ceiling with nowhere for the moisture to escape from. This leaves the owner with no sign there is a problem until it is to late.

Water and dampness in these conditions, especially where temperatures inside these cavities can be in the extremes of both hot and cold, help to speed up the process of timber decomposition very quickly.

Water ingress (Leaks) to caravans have the potential to create enormous amounts of damage in a very short period of time. 

If you suspect your caravan of having a leak, you must get it attended to immediately. If you are noticing damp smells, mouldy smells or mould forming on a wall or ceiling, or any physical damage by way of staining or de-lamination of interior ply panels, then this is a sure sign you have a leak and have probably been leaking internally of the roof or walls for some time.

You should especially take note of any stains forming around window and door openings or inside cabinetry where the corners of the caravan are. Especially up near the roof and in the lower corners

When left unattended, water ingress not only damages your caravan and reduces it's value, but can potentially create life threatening health issues from mould or even electrical malfunction.

Our Van RV will inspect your caravan external sealant totally FREE as long as you call to make a mutually convenient time for inspection at our premises in Rosebud.

Once the inspection has been completed, our friendly staff will be able to advise you of any steps available to you to rectify and/or prevent any issues. 

Phone 1300 068 700