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Hume Water Tank Cover Guard 7wt95ltcvr


Hume Water Tank Cover Guard 7wt95ltcvr

The Hume Water Tank Cover Guard (7wt95ltcvr) is a protective cover specifically designed for water tanks, providing durability and defense against environmental elements. Crafted from high-quality materials, this cover ensures that your water tank remains protected from debris, UV rays, and weather damage, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining water quality.
Tank Guard to suit both 100lt grey and 95lt freshwater tanks.
HUME Tank Cover to suit HUME 95lt Water tank.
Dimensions: 1200mm x 490mm x 130mm
Type: Galvanised

Specifically designed for the 7WT95LTCVR model
Protects your HUME water tank from damage and dirt
Ensures a perfect fit for the tank
Made from durable materials for long-lasting use
Withstands the harsh Australian climate
Preserves the tank's appearance, keeping it looking new for an extended period
Prevents potential damage during travels
Offers peace of mind by safeguarding your water tank investment

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