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Breaksafe Battery 7 AH Replacement Suit Brake Safe Tow Secure


Breaksafe Battery 7AH Brake Safe Tow Secure Np7-12

The Breaksafe Battery 7AH Replacement is designed as a suitable replacement for the Breaksafe Breakaway System, specifically compatible with the Brake Safe Tow Secure system. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Breaksafe Brand: Breaksafe is a recognized brand known for manufacturing breakaway systems and related accessories for towing applications.

7AH Battery Replacement:
This product serves as a replacement battery for the Breaksafe Breakaway System, featuring a 7 Ampere-hour (AH) capacity. The 7AH capacity ensures sufficient power for the breakaway system.

Compatibility with Brake Safe Tow Secure:
The battery is explicitly designed to be compatible with the Brake Safe Tow Secure system, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.

Breakaway System Functionality:
Breakaway systems, including the Brake Safe Tow Secure, are crucial safety components for trailers and caravans. They activate the trailer brakes in the event of an accidental separation from the towing vehicle, preventing the trailer from rolling away uncontrollably.

Replacement Suitability:
The product is designed to replace the existing battery in the Breaksafe Breakaway System, ensuring continued functionality and safety in the towing setup.

Easy Installation:
The replacement battery is likely designed for straightforward installation, allowing users to replace the battery without extensive technical expertise.

Towing Safety:
The Breaksafe Breakaway System is a safety feature required by law in many regions for trailers and caravans. It provides an additional layer of protection in case of accidental detachment during towing.

Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) Battery:
The 7AH replacement battery is likely a sealed lead-acid battery, a common type used for breakaway systems due to its reliability and maintenance-free design.

Before purchasing, it's important to confirm compatibility with the specific Breaksafe Breakaway System model and ensure that the 7AH replacement battery aligns with your towing setup. Following the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and maintenance is crucial to guarantee the proper functioning of the breakaway system.