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Camec Caravan Plastic Wall Vent Windsor Jayco Camec



This wall vent can easily be installed on any flat surface. 
Upgrade the airflow and aesthetics of your caravan interior with the Camec Caravan Plastic Wall Vent. Specifically designed to fit Windsor, Jayco, and Camec models, this wall vent offers a perfect blend of functionality and style for your recreational vehicle.
Key Features:

Custom Fit for Windsor, Jayco, and Camec: The Camec Caravan Plastic Wall Vent is tailored to fit seamlessly into Windsor, Jayco, and Camec caravans. Enjoy the assurance of a custom fit, ensuring compatibility with your specific RV model.

Enhanced Ventilation: Improve the ventilation inside your caravan with this wall vent. The carefully designed slats and construction allow for optimal airflow, helping to maintain a comfortable and well-ventilated interior during your travels.

Durable Plastic Construction: Crafted from high-quality plastic, the wall vent is built to withstand the demands of RV life. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable accessory for enhancing your caravan's functionality.

Sleek and Functional Design: The wall vent features a sleek design that not only enhances ventilation but also adds a touch of sophistication to your caravan's interior. The functional yet stylish design complements the overall aesthetics of your recreational vehicle.

Easy Installation: Installing the Camec Caravan Plastic Wall Vent is a straightforward process. The included mounting hardware and user-friendly design make it easy for RV enthusiasts to upgrade their caravans without the need for professional assistance.

Versatile Application: Whether you have a Windsor, Jayco, or Camec caravan, this plastic wall vent is a versatile accessory suitable for various models. Enhance the functionality of your caravan interior with this essential ventilation solution.

Promotes Air Circulation: The strategically placed slats promote air circulation, preventing stagnation and ensuring a fresh and comfortable atmosphere inside your caravan. Experience the benefits of improved airflow on your travels.

OEM Compatibility: As a Camec product, this plastic wall vent maintains OEM compatibility, meeting the high standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Trust in the quality and performance that Camec is known for in the caravan industry.

Upgrade your caravan's ventilation system and interior aesthetics with the Camec Caravan Plastic Wall Vent. Enjoy improved airflow, durability, and a stylish addition to your Windsor, Jayco, or Camec caravan.
Model: 016530 CAMEC
Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm