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Camec Towel Rail Pillar End 3/4 - 19MM Rail Caravan


CAMEC TOWEL RAIL Pillar End 3/4in - 19mm Rail Caravan 008197


Camec Towel Rail Pillar End:

  • "Camec" is the brand or manufacturer of the product. Camec is known for providing accessories and components for caravans and recreational vehicles.
  • "Towel Rail Pillar End" indicates that the product is an end piece or bracket designed for securing a towel rail. This implies that it's a part of a larger towel rail system.

3/4 - 19MM Rail:

  • "3/4 - 19MM" specifies the size of the rail that this pillar end is compatible with. The measurement is likely in inches and millimeters, indicating the diameter or size of the towel rail that can be accommodated.


  • The mention of "Caravan" emphasizes that this product is specifically designed for use in caravans. It suggests that the towel rail and its components are suitable for the interior of caravan spaces.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a Camec Towel Rail Pillar End designed for a 3/4 - 19MM rail and intended for use in caravans. If you're looking to install or replace a towel rail in your caravan, this specific pillar end may be a compatible component. Always refer to the product documentation for proper installation instructions.