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Milenco Spare Clamp For Aero, Grand Aero And Falcon Towing Mirrors


Milenco M-1960 Spare Clamp For Aero, Grand Aero And Falcon Towing Mirrors

The Milenco Spare Clamp is a specialized accessory created for use with Milenco's Aero, Grand Aero, and Falcon Towing Mirrors. This clamp is designed to provide a secure and reliable attachment of the towing mirrors to your vehicle, ensuring stability and optimal performance during towing.


Compatibility: Specifically engineered to be compatible with Milenco's Aero, Grand Aero, and Falcon Towing Mirrors, this spare clamp serves as a replacement or an additional clamp to maintain the proper functionality of the towing mirror system.
Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the spare clamp is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, including exposure to various weather conditions and vibrations on the road.
Secure Attachment: The clamp is designed to securely hold the towing mirrors in place, providing stability and preventing unwanted movement during towing.
Easy Replacement: The spare clamp is typically easy to replace, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly maintain or upgrade their towing mirror setup without the need for extensive tools or expertise.
Versatility: This clamp is engineered to fit multiple models of Milenco Towing Mirrors, offering users versatility and flexibility in their towing accessories.
Manufacturer: Milenco

Whether you need a replacement for a lost or damaged clamp or wish to have an extra clamp on hand for added security, the Milenco Spare Clamp for Aero, Grand Aero, and Falcon Towing Mirrors is a practical accessory to ensure the continued performance of your towing mirror system.