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Black Spare Cap & Keys For Lockable Caravan Water Tank Filler 800-00922



The Black Spare Cap & Keys for Lockable Caravan Water Tank Filler is a replacement component designed to ensure the security and functionality of your caravan's water tank filler system. This spare cap, featuring a black finish, comes with keys for added security, allowing you to protect your water supply during travel and storage.

Key Features:

Secure Closure: Provides a reliable and secure closure for your caravan's water tank filler, preventing unauthorized access and tampering.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials to withstand outdoor elements and extended use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Black Finish: The sleek black finish adds a stylish touch to your caravan's exterior while offering resistance to corrosion and UV damage.

Keys Included: Comes with keys for the lockable mechanism, allowing you to conveniently secure and access your water tank filler as needed.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with most standard caravan water tank fillers, providing a versatile replacement option for various caravan models.


Enhanced Security: Protects your caravan's water supply from theft, contamination, and unauthorized access, ensuring peace of mind during travel and storage.

Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a sleek and stylish element to your caravan's exterior, enhancing its overall appearance and curb appeal.

Reliable Performance: Provides a tight and secure seal, preventing leaks and water loss while on the road.

Convenient Replacement: Allows for easy replacement of your caravan's water tank filler cap, restoring functionality without the need for extensive repairs or modifications.