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New Camec Entry Door Barrel And Key Set 2 Keys 3 Point Lock 3P



The New Camec Entry Door Barrel and Key Set is a security component designed for caravan entry doors. This set includes a barrel lock and keys, providing enhanced security features. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

3-Point Locking System (3P): The inclusion of a 3-point locking mechanism suggests that the lock engages at three separate points along the door, offering increased security and stability. This type of locking system is effective in preventing unauthorized access and enhancing the overall safety of the caravan.

Barrel Lock: The barrel lock is a cylindrical mechanism that fits into the door and engages with the frame, securing the entry point. It is likely designed for durability and reliability to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Key Set with 2 Keys: The set comes with two keys, providing a spare in case one is lost or for shared access. The keys are essential for locking and unlocking the door, and their duplication ensures backup access options.

Camec Brand: The mention of "Camec" indicates the brand of the entry door barrel and key set. Camec is a well-known manufacturer of caravan and RV accessories, known for producing quality and reliable products.

New Design: The "New" in the description implies that this entry door barrel and key set features an updated or improved design compared to previous versions, possibly incorporating the latest technology or design enhancements for better performance.