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Caravan Water Tank Quick Filler Jayco Camec Hume Fiamma Jg Coast



Having trouble filling your water tanks?

This product really works. Allows escaping air to pass out of your water tank filler so the water can enter more quickly without restricting the air flow out of the tank.

Step 1. Attach your filling hose to the quick filler.

Step 2. Place the quick filler as far in to the filler inlet as possible.

Step 3. Turn on the tap and fill with ease.

We have tested this item on hundreds of different vans and found it works better on some fillers than others but on every tank filler we tried, it made filling the tanks quicker by up to 50%!!!

Usually backwashing water in your filler when filling your tanks is caused by poor plumbing and/or restrictions in hoses, usually in the breathers. By allowing the air to escape more quickly by narrowing the water supply coming in, and maximising the air coming out the inlet space, you can now fill your tanks more quickly without the expense of reworking your plumbing.

This is not a fix for plumbing issues, but will assist in quicker filling your caravan, camper or motorhome tanks than when using a hose alone.

This item has a solid brass corner with a high quality click on hose connector, on/off valve and a plastic stem.

The names "JAYCO CAMEC HUME FIAMMA JG COAST" as used in the listing heading are to signify the brands of fillers we have successfully used this quick filler on without fault at the time this listing was made.

If you try this item and find it is unsuccessful at improving the rate you can fill your tanks, please send us an e-mail with a photo of your filler so you can help us to improve this product.

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