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Clipsal 240v 15amp LP34 White Power Inlet Caravan


Clipsal 240V 15Amp IP34 White Power Inlet Caravan-005193

It is an electrical power inlet specifically designed for caravans, providing a reliable and weather-resistant connection point for electrical appliances. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Clipsal Brand: Clipsal is a reputable brand known for manufacturing electrical accessories and solutions. The product is likely to adhere to high-quality standards and safety regulations.

240V, 15Amp: The power inlet is designed to handle a voltage of 240 volts and a current of 15 amps, making it suitable for powering various electrical devices within a caravan.

IP34 Rating: The IP34 rating indicates that the power inlet is protected against ingress of solid objects larger than 2.5mm and water splashes from any direction. This level of protection makes it suitable for outdoor and caravan use, ensuring durability and safety.

White Color: The power inlet is in a white color, which is not only a design choice but can also help with visibility and coordination with other caravan components.

Power Inlet Design: The product is designed to be an inlet, providing a point for connecting an external power source, such as a caravan park electrical hookup, to the caravan's internal electrical system.

Caravan-005193 Model: The model number, Caravan-005193, uniquely identifies this specific Clipsal power inlet. It is crucial for product identification, ordering, and ensuring compatibility with your caravan.

Weather-Resistant Construction: The power inlet is likely constructed with materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, providing resilience against weather elements and ensuring a longer lifespan.