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Easy Tune Caravan Digital Remote Antenna

$319.95 $299.00

Easy Tune Caravan Digital Remote Antenna BD - 11DXNR


Ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers and even Tents.

Fully digital compatible
HDTV, DVB-T, UHF, FM, Digital Radio
Kit includes 3 stage 1.5m telescopic mast and all components required for easy installation
High gain booster designed in Australia for the Australian Broadcast Spectrum

    The EasyTune TV Antenna is designed to be easy to setup. The antenna is compact and robust yet has superb performance for its size, a powerful, high gain signal amplifier providing excellent reception in fringe coverage areas, country towns as well as cities. The EasyTune antenna is fully digital and specifically designed and optimised for mobile homes. The antenna is capable of receiving both analogue and digital signals within the entire Australian TV broadcast spectrum.
    Superior Built in high-gain amplifier at the antenna which has a very low noise to signal ratio because it is mounted at the antenna UHF, VHF and FM and Digital TV compatible and receives horizontal and vertical polarised signals – bracket for mounting vertically included