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Fiamma Leg Wall Bracket Kit Genuine Part


Fiamma Leg Wall Bracket Kit genuine part 98655-176 or Or 200-04902 suit F45 awnings

The Fiamma Leg Wall Bracket Kit is a genuine replacement part designed to enhance the stability and support of Fiamma awnings on your vehicle. Crafted by Fiamma, a reputable brand in outdoor recreational equipment, this Leg Wall Bracket Kit is engineered to ensure a secure attachment of the awning legs to the vehicle's wall.

Genuine Fiamma Replacement Part: This Leg Wall Bracket Kit is an authentic Fiamma replacement component, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance with Fiamma awning systems.
Enhanced Stability: The kit is designed to provide additional stability to your Fiamma awning by securely attaching the legs to the vehicle's wall, preventing unnecessary movement.
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, the Leg Wall Bracket Kit is built to withstand outdoor elements and regular use, promoting long-lasting performance.
Easy Installation: The kit features a user-friendly design that facilitates easy installation. Clear instructions or guidelines may be provided to assist users in attaching the brackets securely.
Versatile Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with specific Fiamma awning models, ensuring a proper fit and functionality for a range of outdoor recreational vehicles.
Safety Assurance: The secure attachment provided by the Leg Wall Bracket Kit enhances the safety of your awning setup, especially in varying weather conditions.
OEM Reliability: As a genuine Fiamma part, the Leg Wall Bracket Kit maintains the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality and reliability, ensuring consistency with the overall awning system.

When considering the purchase of the Fiamma Leg Wall Bracket Kit, it's essential to verify compatibility with your specific Fiamma awning model. Additionally, user reviews or additional product information can offer insights into the performance and satisfaction of this replacement part.