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Fuel Source Selector Knob - Suit Dometic RM2350 Fridges Black

The Fuel Source Selector Knob is designed to suit Dometic RM2350 fridges, providing a convenient means of selecting the desired fuel source for your refrigerator. With this knob, you can easily switch between gas and electric modes depending on your specific needs or available power sources.
The user-friendly design allows for effortless operation, ensuring the fridge operates efficiently based on the selected fuel source. Engineered with durability in mind, this selector knob is built to withstand regular use. Ensuring a proper fit and compatibility, it serves as a reliable accessory for Dometic RM2350 fridges. Enhance the functionality of your fridge with the Fuel Source Selector Knob, enjoying the convenience of easily adjustable fuel source options to suit your requirements.
Fuel Source Selection - The fuel source selector knob is designed for use with Dometic RM2350 fridges, allowing you to easily switch between different fuel sources for your refrigerator, such as gas or electric.
Convenient Operation - The selector knob provides a user-friendly interface for selecting the desired fuel source. It allows for quick and easy adjustment, ensuring that your fridge operates efficiently based on your chosen fuel source.
Versatile Fit - Specifically made to suit Dometic RM2350 fridges, this selector knob ensures a proper fit and compatibility with the fridge's fuel source selection system.
Durable Construction - Crafted from high-quality materials, the selector knob offers durability and longevity, withstanding the demands of daily use.

Please note that this item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE NEW IN BEIGE to suit earlier RM2350 Models, however, this item will work and fit perfectly to replace the beige-colored version you may have.


Suit 5.5mm diameter shaft with one flat side.
The collar length to the knob shoulder is 33mm.
Replaces: 3850318019
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