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Gas Strut Stabilus 125N 195.5mm Long Caravan Boot Window


GAS STRUT STABILUS 3137RK 125N M 195.5mm Long CARAVAN Boot Window JAYCO 


New Gas Strut Stabilus 3137RK: A single gas strut by STABILUS designed for specific applications, providing stability and support.

125N Capacity for Smooth Operation: With a capacity of 125 Newtons, it ensures a smooth and easy operation when opening and closing.

195.5mm Length for Perfect Fit: Specifically sized at 195.5mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your Caravan Boot Window.

Manufacturer Part Number 3137RK: Equipped with the manufacturer part number 3137RK, ensuring compatibility with Jayco caravans.

Reliable and Durable Product: Crafted to be a reliable and durable product, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Securely Keeps Caravan Window Open: Ensures that your caravan window stays securely open, providing convenience and functionality.

Perfect Fit for Jayco Caravans: Tailored to be compatible with Jayco caravans, ensuring a precise and efficient fit.

Enjoy Reliable Gas Strut Performance: Invest in a reliable gas strut to enjoy consistent and dependable performance for your Caravan Boot Window.