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Genuine Thetford RH SC400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism With Seal


New Thetford 3233106 Rh Sc400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism With Seal


The Genuine Thetford RH SC400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism With Seal is a specialized component designed for Thetford portable toilets, specifically the SC400 and SC500 models. Thetford is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality sanitation products for various recreational and outdoor applications.

Key features of this product include:

Compatibility: Tailored for Thetford SC400 and SC500 portable toilets, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance.

Waste Tank Mechanism: Integral to the waste management system of portable toilets, this component includes essential elements such as valves and levers to facilitate proper waste disposal into the holding tank.

Right-Hand (RH) Configuration: The RH designation indicates that this mechanism is designed for the right-hand side of the toilet. This ensures correct installation and functionality in alignment with the toilet's design.

Seal Included: The product comes with a seal, crucial for maintaining a secure and tight connection between the waste tank mechanism and the toilet bowl, preventing leaks and odors.

Genuine Thetford Product: Labeled as "Genuine," signifying authenticity and adherence to Thetford's quality standards. Genuine parts are recommended by the manufacturer for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.