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Genuine Thetford LH SC400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism With Seal


Thetford 3233206 LH Sc400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism With Seal

The Genuine Thetford LH SC400/500 Waste Tank Mechanism with Seal is a specific component designed for Thetford portable toilets, specifically the SC400 and SC500 models. Thetford is a well-known brand that produces high-quality sanitation products for recreational vehicles (RVs), camping, and marine applications.

Compatibility: The mechanism is designed to fit Thetford SC400 and SC500 portable toilets. It is important to ensure compatibility with your specific toilet model before purchasing.

Waste Tank Mechanism: This component is part of the waste management system in portable toilets. It likely includes elements such as valves and levers that facilitate the proper disposal of waste into the holding tank.

Left-Hand (LH) Configuration: The LH designation indicates that this mechanism is designed for the left-hand side of the toilet. This ensures proper installation and functioning according to the toilet's design.

Seal Included: The product comes with a seal, which is crucial for maintaining a tight and secure seal between the waste tank mechanism and the toilet bowl. This helps prevent leaks and odors.

Genuine Thetford Product: The use of the term "Genuine" implies that this product is an authentic Thetford replacement part. Genuine parts are recommended by the manufacturer for maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of Thetford portable toilets.

Easy Installation: Typically, replacement parts are designed for easy installation, allowing users to replace the component without the need for specialized tools or professional assistance.