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Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator Two Stage Suit Jayco 195mj Reg

$93.55 $89.95

Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator Twin 2 Stage 195MJ to Suit Jayco and many other brands.

Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator:

  • "Marshall" likely refers to the brand or manufacturer of the gas regulator.
  • "Dual Stage" indicates that the regulator has two stages, suggesting a more advanced or precise regulation of gas flow.

Two Stage Suit Jayco:

  • "Two Stage" is reiterated, emphasizing the dual-stage functionality.
  • "Suit Jayco" indicates that the regulator is specifically designed to be compatible with Jayco caravans. Jayco is a well-known brand in the caravan industry.

195mj Reg:

  • "195mj" specifies the gas flow rate or capacity of the regulator, indicating that it can handle up to 195 megajoules of gas.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator designed for caravans, with two-stage functionality and compatibility with Jayco systems. The regulator is capable of handling a gas flow rate of 195 megajoules. If you have a Jayco caravan and need a gas regulator with specific features, this product may be suitable. Always refer to the product documentation for proper installation and usage instructions.