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Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator Two Stage Suit Jayco 195mj Reg


Marshall Dual Stage Caravan Gas Regulator Twin 2 Stage 195MJ to Suit Jayco and many other brands.

This regulator is used in just about every brand of caravan built between 1990 and NOW. If yours looks like the one pictured, then this item should work perfectly on your caravan. WE DO SUGGEST GOING UP TO THE 290MJ VERSION IF YOU HAVE A GAS HEATER IN YOUR CARAVAN.


Marshall Single Regulator Opp 195MJ

This two stage regulator combines both a high pressure first stage and a low pressure second stage regulator into a single unit. Ideal for RV applications to ensure a smooth & continuous flow.
Capacity: 195mj/hr
Inlet pressure: 100psi
Outlet pressure: 9" W.C.
Inlet: 1/4in NPT