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Shurflo-Genuine Replacement Water Filter

$102.95 $92.95

Shurflo-Genuine Replacement Water Filter 

1 x Shurflo RV-QDRF-A Genuine Replacement water filter cartridge only. WATERGUARD JAYCO 036795
For use in caravans and marine applications.
The Shurflo Genuine Replacement Water Filter is a high-quality replacement component designed to ensure clean and safe water supply in various water filtration systems. Crafted by Shurflo, a reputable brand in water pumps and filtration, this replacement filter offers reliable performance and durability. Here are key features associated with this product:

Authentic Shurflo Replacement: Designed and manufactured by Shurflo, ensuring compatibility and reliability for Shurflo water filtration systems.

Efficient Filtration: The water filter is engineered to efficiently remove impurities, sediment, and contaminants from the water, providing a clean and safe water supply.

Long-lasting Performance: Made with durable materials, the Genuine Replacement Water Filter is built to withstand regular use and maintain its filtration efficiency over time.

Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with specific Shurflo water filtration models, ensuring a seamless fit and functionality.

Improved Water Quality: Enhances the taste and quality of water by reducing unwanted particles and impurities, contributing to a healthier water supply.

Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including RVs, boats, or other systems equipped with Shurflo water filtration setups.

Transparent Housing: Some models may feature a transparent housing, allowing users to visually inspect the filter and monitor its condition without disassembly.