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11″ Vacuum Sealer Rolls Twin Pack Genuine Dometic Cryovac Bags


11″ Vacuum Sealer Rolls Twin Pack to suit Dometic or Freshield Vacuum Sealer. These will work in any vacuum sealer. Bags for the Dometic Vacuum Sealer are in continuous rolls, allowing for items of almost any size to be fully or partially vacuum sealed. Maximum bag width is 190mm.

11″ Vacuum Sealer Rolls Twin Pack GENUINE Dometic Cryovac Bags VS-11ROLL

11″ Vacuum Sealer Rolls:

  • "11″" specifies the width or size of the vacuum sealer rolls. These are likely sheets or rolls of material used for vacuum sealing food or other items.

Twin Pack:

  • "Twin Pack" indicates that the product includes two sets of 11″ vacuum sealer rolls. This is useful for users who frequently use a vacuum sealer and need replacement rolls.

Genuine Dometic:

  • "Genuine Dometic" suggests that the product is an authentic and officially produced item from the Dometic brand. Dometic is known for manufacturing various appliances, including vacuum sealers.

Cryovac Bags:

  • "Cryovac Bags" likely indicates that the material used in the vacuum sealer rolls is made by Cryovac. Cryovac is a well-known brand in the packaging industry, especially for vacuum-sealed products.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a twin pack of 11″ vacuum sealer rolls, genuinely manufactured by Dometic and using Cryovac bags. These rolls are designed for use with Dometic vacuum sealer appliances, providing users with a reliable solution for preserving food and other items through vacuum sealing. Always refer to the product documentation for proper usage instructions and compatibility with specific vacuum sealer models.