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12v Gas Detector Wall Mounted White Caravan Motorhome

$94.95 $66.95

GAS12v Gas Detector Wall Mounted White Caravan Motorhome 550-02010


Coast to Coast Gas Detector: Prioritize safety during your travels with this reliable gas detection device.

Designed for Caravans and Motorhomes: Specifically crafted for caravans and motorhomes, ensuring a secure travel environment.

Accurate Detection of Explosive Gases: The device accurately detects explosive gases in the air, providing an essential safety feature.

12V Power Source: Powered by a 12V source, making it compatible with your caravan or motorhome's electrical system.

Sleek White Design: Features a sleek white design that seamlessly blends with your vehicle's interior aesthetics.

Manufacturer Part Number - 550-02010: Easily identify and order the product with the provided manufacturer part number.

Wall-Mounted for Convenience: Wall-mounted design for convenience, ensuring easy installation and accessibility.

Enhance Vehicle Safety: A crucial addition to enhance overall safety in your caravan or motorhome during travels.

Reliable Gas Detection: Trust in the reliability of the Coast to Coast Gas Detector for accurate gas detection.

Secure Travel Environment: Create a secure travel environment with this essential safety device for gas detection.