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12V Round Indicator Lamp With Clear Lens Recessed Mount


12V Round Indicator Lamp With Clear Lens Recessed Mount

The 12V Round Indicator Lamp is a compact and efficient lighting device designed for easy installation in a variety of settings. It features a clear lens that provides bright, focused illumination, ensuring visibility and safety. The recessed mount design allows for a seamless and flush installation, making it ideal for applications where space is limited or a streamlined appearance is desired.


Clear Lens: The lamp is equipped with a clear lens that ensures maximum light output and clarity, enhancing visibility in all conditions.

12V Operation: Designed to operate at 12 volts, making it suitable for a wide range of automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

Recessed Mount Design: The recessed mount allows for a flush installation, providing a sleek and unobtrusive look while protecting the lamp from damage.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this indicator lamp is built to withstand harsh environments and regular use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Energy Efficient: Consumes low power, making it an energy-efficient option that helps to reduce overall energy costs.

Versatile Application: Ideal for use in vehicles, boats, control panels, dashboards, and other equipment where indication lighting is required.

Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions, allowing for quick and straightforward installation.

Bright Illumination: Provides bright and consistent light output, ensuring that indicators are clearly visible even in low-light conditions.

Compact Size: Its compact design allows it to fit into tight spaces, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Weather Resistant: Built to resist weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.