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12V & USB Adaptor - White- PBB730W


12v USB Adaptor - White- PBB730W 

Introducing the versatile and practical 12V & USB Adaptor in White (PBB730W), the perfect solution for powering and charging your devices on the go. This compact adaptor is designed to conveniently fit into your vehicle's power outlet, providing both a 12V DC socket and a USB port for added functionality.

With the ability to convert your car's 12V power source into two usable outlets, this adaptor enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices. Whether you need to power your smartphone, tablet, GPS device, or other electronics, this adaptor has you covered.

Dual Functionality: Features a 12V DC socket and a USB port for versatile charging options, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more, making it an essential accessory for road trips, commuting, and everyday use.

Convenient Design: Compact and lightweight design fits seamlessly into your vehicle's power outlet without obstructing other dashboard controls, ensuring easy access and hassle-free operation.

Sleek Appearance: Stylish white finish adds a modern touch to your car's interior, complementing any aesthetic while blending in discreetly.

LED Indicator Light: Built-in LED indicator light illuminates when the adaptor is powered, providing visual confirmation that your devices are receiving power.