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15M Heavy Duty Caravan Extension Lead Cord 240A 15Amp Electric Power Connection



The 15M Heavy Duty Caravan Extension Lead Cord is a robust and reliable solution for extending the reach of your caravan's power connection. With a 240A capacity and a 15Amp rating, this extension lead ensures a secure and efficient electric power connection for your caravan. Here's a detailed description:

Generous Length: With a length of 15 meters, this extension lead provides ample reach, allowing you flexibility in positioning your caravan while still maintaining a reliable power connection.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Built for durability, the extension lead features heavy-duty materials that can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. This robust construction ensures longevity, even in challenging environments.

Caravan Power Extension: Specifically designed for caravan use, this extension lead is equipped to handle the power requirements of caravans, providing a safe and secure electric connection to your mobile home.

240A Capacity: The extension lead boasts a substantial 240A capacity, ensuring that it can handle the power demands of your caravan without compromising on performance or safety.

15Amp Rating: With a 15Amp rating, this extension lead is well-suited for caravans and their electrical systems. It provides a reliable power supply, supporting various appliances and devices within your caravan.

Secure Electric Connection: The extension lead is designed to offer a secure and stable electric connection, minimizing the risk of power interruptions or fluctuations during use.

Versatile Application: Whether you're at a campsite, caravan park, or on the road, this extension lead is versatile enough to cater to different environments, providing a consistent power source for your caravan.

Weather-Resistant Design: Engineered to withstand outdoor conditions, the extension lead features a weather-resistant design, ensuring continued functionality even in rain or exposure to other elements.

User-Friendly: The extension lead is designed for ease of use, allowing for straightforward setup and connection. This user-friendly design enhances the overall convenience of extending your caravan's power reach.

Safety Assurance: The heavy-duty construction, high capacity, and reliable performance of this extension lead contribute to a safe and secure electric connection for your caravan, prioritizing the well-being of both your caravan and its occupants.