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2x Awning Storm Tie Down Straps Supapeg


2x Awning Storm Tie Down Straps Supapeg

The Supapeg Awning Storm Tie Down Straps are essential accessories for ensuring the stability and safety of your awning in challenging weather conditions. These high-quality straps are designed to securely anchor your awning to the ground, providing extra support and preventing it from being affected by strong winds, storms, or other adverse weather elements.

Key Features:
Durable Material: Constructed from robust and weather-resistant materials, these tie-down straps are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Adjustable Length:
The straps are often adjustable in length, allowing you to customize the tension and fit according to the size of your awning and the specific requirements of your setup.

Strong Buckles:
Equipped with sturdy buckles, the tie-down straps provide a reliable and secure connection between the awning and the ground.

Ease of Use:
Designed for user convenience, these straps are easy to install and remove. They are typically equipped with user-friendly mechanisms for quick setup and takedown.

Multipurpose Use:
While primarily designed for awning tie-down, these straps can also be versatile enough to be used for securing other camping or outdoor equipment.

This product includes a set of two tie-down straps, providing comprehensive support for both ends of your awning.


Whether you're a camping enthusiast or simply seeking to enhance the stability of your awning, the 2x Awning Storm Tie Down Straps by Supapeg are a reliable choice to ensure your outdoor shelter remains secure in challenging conditions.
As we are a preferred repairer for most insurance companies, we can usually have your claim approved within 24 hrs from submission. And, as we know your time is precious, most awning replacements are conducted while you wait. No leaving the van for days or weeks like some repair centres. Same day! Same Morning! Same Afternoon.

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