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2 x Waeco Cool-Ice Icebox Spare Bungee Latch Dometic Esky Cooler


Waeco Cool-ice Icebox Spare Bungee Latch Dometic Esky Cooler WCI-2001

The 2 x Waeco Cool-Ice Icebox Spare Bungee Latch, identified by part number WCI-2001, serves as replacement bungee latches for Waeco Cool-Ice iceboxes, also known as Dometic eskies or coolers. Here are the descriptions and key features:

Bungee Latch Replacement: The product includes two bungee latches specifically designed as replacements for worn-out or damaged bungee latches on Waeco Cool-Ice iceboxes. These latches are compatible with various sizes of Waeco Cool-Ice iceboxes.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the bungee latches offer durability and resilience, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged outdoor conditions. They are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature changes.

Secure Closure: The bungee latches provide a secure closure for the lid of the icebox, preventing it from accidentally opening during transportation or while in use. This helps to maintain the internal temperature of the icebox and keep contents cool for longer periods.

Easy Installation: The bungee latches are designed for easy installation, typically requiring no special tools or skills. They can be quickly and securely attached to the icebox lid, allowing for hassle-free replacement of worn-out or damaged latches.

Compatibility: The bungee latches are specifically designed for use with Waeco Cool-Ice iceboxes, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility with the icebox's design and dimensions. They may also be compatible with other Dometic icebox models with similar latch mechanisms.

Manufacturer Part Number: Identified by part number WCI-2001, ensuring compatibility and quality assurance for the product.

Universal Application: While designed as replacements for Waeco Cool-Ice iceboxes, the bungee latches may also be suitable for use with other brands and models of iceboxes or coolers with similar latch systems, providing versatility and convenience.