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22-25mm Diam X 1.2wt Mill Finish – Max 228cm (7’6”)


22-25mm Diam X 1.2wt Mill Finish – Max 228cm (7’6”)

Aluminium Upright Tent Pole - Twist Lock Diameter: 22-25mm suggests the diameter of the rod or tube can vary within this range.
Thickness: 1.2wt likely indicates the thickness of the material, possibly referring to gauge or wall thickness.
Finish: "Mill Finish" suggests that the surface of the metal hasn't undergone any additional treatment or finishing processes beyond what is done at the mill, so it's likely in its raw state.
Maximum Length: "Max 228cm (7’6”) indicates the maximum length of the rod or tube, which is 228 centimeters or 7 feet 6 inches.

Put together, it describes a cylindrical metal rod or tube with a diameter ranging from 22mm to 25mm, a thickness of 1.2mm, and a maximum length of 228cm.