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Truma Aquago Comfort - Instant Gas Hot Water Heater - White



The next generation of water heaters has arrived - the Truma AquaGo provides instant endless hot water for your Caravan or RV. This unit lets you electronically set the outlet temperature giving continuous water at your preferred comfort level.

Instant & continuous - 6 Second warm up
Electronic control delivers constant water temperatures up to 49 degrees
Semi-automated decalcification - LED display indicates when service is required
Hassle free maintenance with the "Easy Drain Lever" means no tools needed for draining
Reusable filter cartridge to reduce scale sediment
Common size cutout (same as Suburban) allows easy slide-in upgrade
2 year warranty.

Model: AQUAGO-WHT-KIT Leisure-Tec, 950-09018 Coast to Coast
Brand: Truma
Heating Source: Gas
Dimensions (mm): 318(w) x 318(h) x 394(d)
Heating Rate: Continuous output 49 degrees celsius
WaterMark Certified
Nominal input rate: 5.9 -17.6kw
Gas inlet pressure: 2.75 Kpa
Power input: 12V DC<2.5 A
Standard water outlet temperature: 49 degrees
Water operating pressure: 65 psi (4.5bar)max
Water volume in stabiliser: 1.3L
Weight: 15.5kg


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