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Al-Ko 6 Inch Galvanised Ford Hub & LM Bearing Kit



The AL-KO 441282G 6-Inch Galvanised Ford Hub & LM Bearing Kit is a high-quality component designed for trailers and caravans equipped with Ford-style hubs. Here are its features and descriptions:

Galvanized Construction: The hub is constructed from galvanized steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The galvanized coating protects the hub from rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Ford-Compatible Design: The hub is specifically designed to fit Ford-style axles, ensuring compatibility and proper fitment with the existing suspension system of the trailer or caravan. This makes it easy to replace worn or damaged hubs without the need for extensive modifications.

LM Bearing Kit: The kit includes LM bearings, which are tapered roller bearings commonly used in trailer axles. These bearings are known for their durability and reliability, providing smooth and efficient rotation of the hub.

6-Inch Hub Size: The hub has a 6-inch size, making it suitable for trailers and caravans with compatible axle configurations. This size is commonly used in various types of trailers and offers sufficient load-bearing capacity for typical towing applications.

Complete Kit: The kit includes all necessary components for installation, including the hub, bearings, races, seals, and hardware. This ensures a hassle-free replacement process and allows users to quickly and easily install the new hub on their trailer or caravan.

Precision Engineering: The hub is manufactured to strict quality standards using precision engineering techniques. This ensures consistent performance and reliability, providing peace of mind to users when towing their trailer or caravan.

Easy Installation: Installing the hub and bearing kit is straightforward and can be done using basic hand tools. The kit comes with detailed installation instructions, guiding users through each step of the process for a smooth and successful installation.

Versatile Compatibility: While specifically designed for Ford-style hubs, the kit may also be compatible with other trailer axles that use similar hub configurations. Users should verify compatibility with their specific axle before purchasing.

Overall, the AL-KO 441282G 6-Inch Galvanised Ford Hub & LM Bearing Kit is a reliable and durable solution for trailer and caravan owners in need of replacement hubs. Its galvanized construction, Ford compatibility, and LM bearing design make it a practical choice for towing applications.