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Alko Rocker Arm 60mm



The Alko Rocker Arm, with a length of 60mm, is a critical component in the suspension system of trailers and caravans. Crafted by Alko, a trusted brand in towing and suspension solutions, this rocker arm plays a key role in ensuring smooth and controlled movement. With a precise length of 60mm, it is designed for compatibility with specific suspension configurations, contributing to the overall stability and performance of your trailer or caravan.

Key Features:

Suspension Stability: The Alko Rocker Arm enhances the stability and performance of the trailer or caravan's suspension system.
60mm Length: Specifically designed with a 60mm length for compatibility with suspension setups requiring this dimension.
Alko Brand Reliability: Manufactured by Alko, a reputable brand known for quality and innovation in towing solutions.
Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the rocker arm is designed for longevity and resilience in various road conditions.
Precision Engineering: The rocker arm's precise design ensures optimal functionality within the suspension system.

    Upgrade your trailer or caravan's suspension system with the Alko Rocker Arm 60mm, a reliable and precision-engineered component from a trusted brand, ensuring stability and control during towing.