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900mm Breha Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter Flat Steel Mechanism Pop Top 008342




The 900mm BREHA Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter is a mechanism designed for pop-top caravans, providing convenient and efficient operation for raising and lowering the roof canopy. Here are some descriptions and features of this product:

Size: The canopy lifter is 900mm in length, suitable for caravans with corresponding dimensions.

BREHA Brand: BREHA is a reputable brand known for producing quality caravan accessories, ensuring reliability and durability.

Flat Steel Mechanism: Constructed from flat steel, this mechanism is robust and sturdy, capable of withstanding the weight of the caravan roof while providing smooth operation.

Pop-Top Compatibility: Specifically designed for pop-top caravans, this lifter mechanism allows for easy elevation of the roof canopy to create additional headroom and space within the caravan.

Efficient Lifting: The lifter mechanism employs an efficient lifting system, making it easy for caravan owners to raise and lower the roof canopy with minimal effort.

Convenient Operation: With its user-friendly design, this canopy lifter facilitates hassle-free operation, allowing caravan owners to quickly set up and pack up their vehicle for travel or camping.

Secure Support: Provides secure support for the raised roof canopy, ensuring stability and safety while the caravan is in use.

Model Number: 008342: This model number uniquely identifies the specific variant of the BREHA Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter, allowing for easy identification and compatibility verification.

Overall, the 900mm BREHA Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter with its flat steel mechanism offers a reliable and efficient solution for pop-top caravans, enhancing convenience and functionality for caravan enthusiasts.