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900mm Tubular Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter Steel Mechanism Pop Top 008353

$230.00 $179.95

900mm Tubular Caravan Roof Canopy Lifter Steel Mechanism Pop Top 008353


Size and Length:

  • "900mm" indicates the length of the tubular component. This measurement is likely the physical size of the tubular lifter used in the caravan roof canopy mechanism.

Type of Component:

  • "TUBULAR CARAVAN ROOF CANOPY LIFTER FLAT STEEL MECHANISM" specifies that the component is a tubular steel mechanism designed for lifting the roof canopy of a caravan. This mechanism likely incorporates both tubular and flat steel components.

Pop Top:

  • The mention of "POP TOP" indicates that this lifting mechanism is specifically designed for pop-top caravans. Pop-top caravans have roofs that can be raised to create additional headroom when stationary.

Part Number or Model:

  • "008353" is likely a part number or model number associated with this specific tubular lifter. This identifier helps in ordering the correct replacement part or inquiring about it from the manufacturer.

If you have this component and need information about its installation, replacement, or maintenance, it's advisable to consult the caravan's manual or contact the manufacturer (in this case, using the provided part number) directly. Additionally, you may find specific guidelines and instructions for using this canopy lifter mechanism in the documentation that came with your caravan.