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Al-ko Slimline Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit


Al-Ko Holden LM Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit L68149 LM12749 Boat Trailer 484055

The Al-Ko Holden LM Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit, featuring L68149 and LM12749 bearings, is designed to offer durability and reliability specifically for boat trailers. Here are its features and descriptions:

Marine Grade Construction: Crafted to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, this wheel bearing kit is made with marine-grade materials that resist corrosion from saltwater exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability for boat trailers.

Compatibility: Designed to fit Holden LM trailer hubs, the kit is equipped with L68149 and LM12749 bearings, which are common sizes for marine trailer applications. This ensures a proper fit and compatibility with a wide range of boat trailer configurations.

Complete Kit: The wheel bearing kit comes as a comprehensive package, containing all necessary components for bearing replacement and maintenance. This includes inner and outer bearings, seals, and cotter pins, providing convenience and ease of installation for trailer owners.

Precision Engineering: Each component in the kit is precision-engineered to meet strict tolerances and specifications, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance even under heavy loads and demanding towing conditions.

Enhanced Protection: The included seals provide enhanced protection against water intrusion and debris, helping to prevent premature bearing failure and extend the service life of the trailer bearings, crucial for maintaining safety during marine towing.

Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the wheel bearing kit allows trailer owners to perform routine maintenance and bearing replacement tasks with minimal effort and basic tools, saving time and ensuring proper function.

Reliable Towing Performance: By ensuring proper wheel bearing maintenance and replacement with high-quality components, the kit contributes to maintaining reliable and safe towing performance for boat trailers, essential for worry-free travel and transport of marine vessels.

Boat Trailer Specific: Tailored specifically for boat trailers, this wheel bearing kit addresses the unique demands of marine towing applications, providing essential components for safe and reliable operation in marine environments.

In summary, the Al-Ko Holden LM Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit with L68149 and LM12749 bearings offers superior quality, durability, and performance for boat trailers, ensuring smooth and reliable operation during marine towing activities.