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Alko Jockey Wheel Clamp Caravan Trailer RV Camper Boat Al-ko





The Alko Jockey Wheel Clamp designed for Caravans, Trailers, RVs, Campers, and Boats is a specific component used to secure and stabilize the jockey wheel on various recreational vehicles. Here are key features and details about this particular jockey wheel clamp:

Alko Brand: Alko is a well-known brand in the caravan, trailer, and RV industry, providing quality components and accessories.

Jockey Wheel Clamp: This clamp is specifically designed for securing the jockey wheel, which is a small wheel attached to the front of caravans, trailers, and other towed vehicles.

Versatile Application: Suitable for use on caravans, trailers, RVs, campers, and boats, making it a versatile accessory for different types of recreational vehicles.

Stabilization: The clamp serves to stabilize the jockey wheel, preventing unnecessary movement and ensuring a secure position during transportation or when the vehicle is stationary.

Security and Safety: Properly securing the jockey wheel is essential for the overall security and safety of the towed vehicle, especially when parked or during hitching and unhitching.

Al-ko Compatibility: The clamp is likely designed to be compatible with Alko jockey wheels, ensuring a proper fit and reliable performance.

Essential Towing Accessory: The jockey wheel clamp is an essential accessory for towing, providing stability and control over the jockey wheel.