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Alko Electric Brake Magnet Oval




Upgrade your caravan or RV braking system with the ALKO Electric Brake Magnet Oval, designed for 10-inch brakes. This essential component ensures optimal performance and reliability, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your towing experience.

Key Features:
Enhanced Braking Efficiency: The ALKO Electric Brake Magnet Oval is specifically crafted to deliver enhanced braking efficiency for 10-inch brake systems. Experience improved stopping power and control during your travels.
Precision Design: Engineered with precision, the oval shape of the brake magnet ensures a perfect fit for 10-inch brakes, promoting consistent and reliable contact for optimal braking performance.
Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the brake magnet features robust materials that withstand the rigors of towing. Whether you're navigating diverse terrains or encountering varying road conditions, this brake magnet is up to the task.

Compatibility: This brake magnet is compatible with ALKO electric brake systems and other 10-inch brake setups commonly used in caravans and RVs. Ensure seamless integration with your existing braking system.
Improved Towing Safety: Investing in a reliable brake magnet is crucial for towing safety. The ALKO Electric Brake Magnet Oval provides the assurance that your caravan or RV brakes respond effectively, contributing to a safer towing experience.
Optimal Heat Dissipation: The design of the brake magnet facilitates optimal heat dissipation, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance even during extended braking periods.

Essential RV Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your caravan or RV braking system is essential for safe travels. The ALKO Electric Brake Magnet Oval is a key component for ensuring that your brakes operate at peak efficiency.
Upgrade your caravan or RV braking system with the ALKO Electric Brake Magnet Oval for 10-inch brakes. Trust in the precision, durability, and compatibility of this essential component to enhance the safety and performance of your towing adventures. Travel with confidence, knowing that your braking system is equipped with reliable and efficient technology.