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Al-Ko LH Off Road Electric Brake Magnet Oval 10 Inches Caravan Brakes


Al-Ko LH Off Road Electric Brake Magnet Oval 10 Inch 339020 Caravan Brakes Al-ko

Al-Ko Brand: This brake magnet is part of the Al-Ko brand, known for manufacturing high-quality components for caravan and trailer systems. Al-Ko is recognized for its commitment to durability and reliability.

Off-Road Design: The LH Off-Road Electric Brake Magnet is specifically engineered for off-road applications, ensuring reliable braking performance even in challenging terrains. It is built to withstand the demands of adventurous journeys.

Oval Shape: The brake magnet features an oval shape, which is a deliberate design choice to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in caravan brake systems. The shape contributes to optimal contact and performance during braking.

10-Inch Size: With a size of 10 inches, this brake magnet is tailored to meet the specifications of caravan brakes. The sizing ensures compatibility with standard caravan brake systems, providing a seamless replacement or upgrade option.

Electric Brake Component: As an electric brake magnet, this component plays a crucial role in the caravan's braking system. When energized, it generates the necessary magnetic force to engage the brake mechanism, contributing to smooth and controlled braking.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the Al-Ko LH Off-Road Electric Brake Magnet is built to endure the harsh conditions encountered during off-road travel. This durability enhances its longevity and reliability, contributing to the overall safety of the caravan.

Caravan Brake Upgrade: This component serves as an upgrade or replacement for caravan brakes, offering improved performance and reliability. It is suitable for those looking to enhance their caravan's braking capabilities, especially in off-road environments.