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Supa-Peg Anti Flap Kit Canvas De Flapper Storage Bag

$89.95 $74.95

Anti Flap Kit Canvas De Flapper Storage Bag-Suits Aussie Traveller AFK 


The Anti Flap Kit (AFK) Canvas De Flapper Storage Bag is a purpose-designed accessory tailored for the Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit used in campers and RVs. This storage bag provides a convenient and protective solution for storing and transporting your Anti Flap Kit canvas de flappers.

Key features of this product include:

Custom Fit: Specifically designed to accommodate Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit canvas de flappers, ensuring a secure and snug fit for storage.

Durable Canvas Material: Crafted from durable canvas, the storage bag provides protection against dust, dirt, and other environmental elements, helping to extend the life of your canvas de flappers.

Easy Storage: The bag is designed for easy storage of the canvas de flappers when they are not in use, keeping them organized and preventing damage during transportation.

Convenient Carry: Equipped with handles or straps for easy carrying, making it convenient to transport the canvas de flappers to and from your camper or RV.

Suitable for AFK Users: Tailored to suit users of the Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit, providing a dedicated and compatible storage solution for the canvas de flappers.

Protection during Storage: The storage bag helps protect the canvas de flappers from potential wear and tear that may occur when stored in a garage, storage compartment, or during transit.

Secure Closure: Features a secure closure mechanism, such as zippers or straps, to keep the canvas de flappers securely stored and protected.