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LED Combination Stop Tail Turn Trailer Caravan Truck Light 10-30V

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The AP10404 LED combination stop, tail, and turn trailer/caravan/truck light (10-30V) is a versatile lighting fixture designed primarily for use on trailers, caravans, and trucks. Here are the features and descriptions typically associated with this type of light:

LED Technology: Utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, which offers several advantages over traditional incandescent lights including higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and durability.

Combination Functionality:

-Stop Function: Provides a red light that activates when the brakes are applied, signaling vehicles behind to stop.

-Tail Function: Offers a dimmer red light that remains on while the vehicle is in use, enhancing visibility to other drivers.

-Turn Function: Includes amber lights that flash to indicate when the vehicle is turning left or right, improving safety during maneuvers.

Voltage Range: Operates on a voltage range of 10-30V DC, making it suitable for both 12V and 24V systems commonly found in vehicles and trailers.

Weatherproof Design: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity even in harsh environments.

Mounting: Typically designed for surface mounting on the rear of trailers, caravans, or trucks, providing a secure attachment that meets safety standards.

Compliance: Meets relevant regulations and standards for vehicle lighting, ensuring legality and safety compliance.

Dimensions and Appearance: Specific dimensions can vary, but it generally has a compact rectangular or square shape with distinct sections for each lighting function (stop, tail, turn).

Durability: Constructed from robust materials such as polycarbonate lenses and housings to withstand vibrations and impacts encountered during vehicle operation.

Wiring: Includes wiring for easy installation, typically with standard connectors for quick integration into existing vehicle electrical systems.

Application: Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including trailers, caravans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles where reliable and compliant lighting is essential for road safety.

In summary, the AP10404 LED combination stop, tail, and turn light is designed to enhance visibility and safety on trailers, caravans, and trucks by providing efficient and durable lighting solutions that comply with legal requirements and industry standards.