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Atrv Sunburst Eclipse Awning Knurled Knob With T Nut



The ATRV Sunburst Eclipse Awning Knurled Knob with T Nut is a precision-engineered accessory tailored for the Sunburst Eclipse awning system. This knurled knob, featuring a textured surface for easy grip, comes paired with a T Nut for secure and convenient installation. Designed for effortless adjustment and tightening, this accessory ensures a snug fit for your awning components. Upgrade or replace your existing knob with this purpose-built accessory to maintain the optimal performance of your ATRV Sunburst Eclipse awning. Whether you're adjusting the angle for optimal shade or securing your awning in place, the knurled knob with T Nut provides a user-friendly solution for outdoor canopy adjustments. Trust in the quality and compatibility of this ATRV accessory to enhance your outdoor experience with ease. Did you know you can have your awning replaced under your insurance policy for many different reasons including:

  • Storm Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Accidental Damage

We repair and replace awnings almost every day of every week. We are also the major stockist of Carefree, Dometic and ATRV awnings on the Mornington Peninsula. As we are a preferred repairer for most insurance companies, we can usually have your claim approved within 24 hrs from submission. And, as we know your time is precious, most awning replacements are conducted while you wait. No leaving the van for days or weeks like some repair centres. Same day! Same Morning! Same Afternoon.

Now that's what we call service.

Call our friendly team on 1300 068 700 to arrange your quote today.