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Aufocus 2kw Bluetooth Diesel Heater Kit With S/Steel Tank


Aufocus 2kw Bluetooth Diesel Heater Kit With S/Steel Tank

The "Aufocus 2kW Bluetooth Diesel Heater Kit with S/Steel Tank" heating system designed for vehicles, possibly for use in caravans, campers, or other mobile applications.

Heating Capacity: The 2kW indicates the heating capacity of the system, suggesting it can generate 2000 watts of heat.
Fuel Type: Diesel heaters typically use diesel fuel for combustion. This can be an efficient and cost-effective choice for vehicle heating systems.
Bluetooth Connectivity: The inclusion of Bluetooth suggests that the heater can be controlled or monitored remotely using a mobile device with a dedicated app. This feature allows users to manage the heater settings conveniently.
Stainless Steel Tank: The use of stainless steel for the tank indicates durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan for the heating system.
Kit Inclusions: Details about what is included in the kit, such as the heater unit, fuel tank, wiring, exhaust components, and any other necessary accessories for installation.
Application: Information on the intended use of the heater, whether it's for heating the interior of a vehicle, camper, boat, or other mobile spaces.
Installation: Instructions or information regarding the installation process, including any specific requirements or considerations.
Energy Efficiency: Mention of energy-efficient features, as diesel heaters are often chosen for their ability to provide warmth without draining the vehicle's main power source.
Safety Features: Any safety features incorporated, such as overheat protection, flame monitoring, or automatic shut-off mechanisms.