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Aussie Traveller AFK & CRR Outrigger Spigot Bracket Caravan



The Aussie Traveller AFK & CRR Outrigger Spigot Bracket for Caravan is a specialized accessory designed to support and secure awning outriggers on caravans. These brackets play a crucial role in providing stability and strength to the awning structure, ensuring a reliable setup for outdoor shelter and enjoyment.

Key features of the Aussie Traveller AFK & CRR Outrigger Spigot Bracket for Caravan include:

Awning Support: The bracket is specifically designed to support awning outriggers, contributing to the overall stability of the awning system.

Compatibility: Tailored to be compatible with both AFK (Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap Kit) and CRR (Coolabah Roll Out Awning), providing versatility in usage.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to weather elements.

Secure Attachment: Designed to securely attach to the caravan structure, ensuring a stable connection for the awning outriggers.

Essential for Awning Setup: The spigot bracket is an essential component for the proper setup of awnings, contributing to their functionality and performance.

Quality Material: Constructed from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Enhanced Awning Stability: By supporting the awning outriggers, these brackets enhance the overall stability of the awning structure, reducing movement and sway.

Awning Support System: Works in conjunction with the awning support system to provide a robust and reliable outdoor shelter solution.