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Black 10m X 32mm Sullage Waste Hose Roll 800-01346



The Black 10m x 32mm Sullage Waste Hose Roll (Part Number: 800-01346) is a specialized and durable hose designed for the efficient disposal of sullage and wastewater in various settings, commonly used in caravans, RVs, and camping applications.

The Black 10m x 32mm Sullage Waste Hose Roll (Part Number: 800-01346) is a practical and reliable solution for managing wastewater from your caravan or RV. The hose comes in a convenient 10-meter length with a diameter of 32mm, providing ample reach and flexibility for your sullage disposal needs.

Versatile Length: With a 10-meter length, this hose offers versatility in reaching sullage disposal points, allowing for flexibility in setting up your wastewater system.
Optimal Diameter: The 32mm diameter is suitable for efficient drainage, ensuring that sullage and wastewater flow smoothly through the hose without obstruction.
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the hose is built to withstand outdoor conditions, resist kinking, and endure regular use, providing durability and longevity.
Roll Design: The hose is conveniently rolled for easy storage and transportation. The roll design allows for efficient handling and organization when not in use.
Black Color: The black color of the hose adds a sleek and discreet appearance, complementing the aesthetic of your caravan or RV setup.
Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the hose can be easily connected to sullage outlets, providing a hassle-free solution for wastewater disposal.

Whether you're on a camping trip or traveling in your caravan, the Black 10m x 32mm Sullage Waste Hose Roll (Part Number: 800-01346) offers a reliable and convenient means of managing sullage, ensuring a clean and efficient wastewater disposal system for your mobile living space.