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BMPRO Smart Premium

$799.00 $699.00

BMPRO Smart Premium Pack

The BMPRO Smart Premium PROSMARTP is an advanced caravan and RV management system that offers comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities. Here are its key descriptions and features:

Integrated Monitoring and Control: The BMPRO Smart Premium PROSMARTP allows users to monitor and control various systems within their caravan or RV, including battery levels, water levels, temperature, lighting, and more. This integrated approach streamlines management and enhances convenience for users.

Real-Time Data: The system provides real-time data on critical parameters such as battery voltage, water tank levels, and temperature, allowing users to stay informed about the status of their vehicle's systems at all times. This enables proactive management and troubleshooting to prevent issues before they arise.

Wireless Connectivity: The Smart Premium PROSMARTP system features wireless connectivity, enabling users to access monitoring and control functions remotely via a smartphone or tablet. This flexibility allows users to manage their caravan or RV from anywhere within range of the wireless network.

Customizable Alerts: The system includes customizable alert features that notify users of any abnormal conditions or events, such as low battery voltage or water tank levels. These alerts help users take prompt action to address issues and avoid potential problems while on the road.

User-Friendly Interface: The Smart Premium PROSMARTP system features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and displays, making it easy for users to navigate and operate the system. This ensures a seamless user experience and facilitates efficient management of vehicle systems.

Energy Efficiency: Designed for energy efficiency, the system minimizes power consumption to preserve battery life and ensure reliable operation over extended periods. This allows users to maximize the uptime of their caravan or RV without worrying about excessive power drain.

Expandable System: The Smart Premium PROSMARTP system is expandable, allowing users to add additional sensors, modules, and accessories to customize and enhance their monitoring and control capabilities. This scalability ensures that the system can adapt to the evolving needs of users over time.

Manufacturer Part Number: Identified by the manufacturer part number PROSMARTP, ensuring compatibility and quality assurance for BMPRO's product line.