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Bostik silicone 300ml

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Bostik silicone 300ml

Product: Bostik Silicone in different Colors
Manufacturer: Bostik
Part Number: EJBOS267716
Application: Ideal for sealing and bonding applications in caravans, motorhomes, and other vehicles
Quality: High-quality silicone manufactured by a well-known brand in the industry
Versatility: Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces
Ease of Application: Easy to apply
Reliability: A reliable and durable product
Protection: Offers long-lasting protection against water, weather, and other elements
Strength: Strong and effective silicone
Color: Black, Clear, White providing an aesthetically pleasing finish for applications in caravans and motorhomes.
    Bostik silicone 300ml Clear/White/Black 

    A high performance, Ultra Violet(UV) resistant one component neutral cure silicone sealant.