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Braided Gas Pigtail Regulator Kit Changeover Twin Cyl Pol 1/4 Inv Flare 600mm

$176.00 $127.50


The Braided Gas Pigtail Regulator Kit is a specialized equipment designed for gas installations, particularly for changing over between twin cylinders. This kit includes a set of components designed for secure and efficient gas supply in a twin-cylinder system with a POL (Prest-O-Lite) connection. Here's a breakdown of the provided description:

Braided Gas Pigtail: This suggests that the gas supply line is made of braided material, which is often stainless steel. Braided hoses are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear.
Regulator Kit: The kit likely includes a gas regulator, a crucial component that regulates the pressure of the gas flowing from the cylinders to the appliances. This ensures a consistent and safe gas supply.
Changeover Twin Cyl: The kit is designed for use with twin cylinders, allowing for a seamless transition from one cylinder to another when the gas in one cylinder is depleted. This feature ensures a continuous gas supply.
Pol 1/4 Inv Flare: The kit is equipped with a POL connection, referring to a specific type of valve connection commonly used in gas cylinders. The 1/4 Inv Flare likely indicates the size of the flare fitting, which is essential for compatibility.
600mm Length: The length of the braided gas pigtail is specified at 600mm, indicating the overall length of the hose. This information is crucial for determining the appropriate fit within a gas installation.

Overall, this kit is designed for those using twin gas cylinders and ensures a reliable and safe gas supply with the included regulator and braided pigtail hose. It's important to verify the compatibility of the kit with your specific gas system and cylinders before purchase. Additionally, proper installation following manufacturer guidelines is essential for safety and optimal