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Breaksafe breakaway coil cable switch pin 350-01285

$27.00 $19.95

Break Safe coil type brake away switch pin with stainless steel clip 350-01285 

Breaksafe Breakaway Coil Cable Switch Pin: 

Enhances towing safety for caravans
Activates electric brakes in case of disconnection

High-Quality Product: 

Manufactured by Breaksafe
Ensures reliable and efficient performance

Runaway Prevention: 

Designed to prevent dangerous runaway situations
Activates brakes upon caravan disconnection from the towing vehicle


Made for use with Breaksafe breakaway cable switches
Essential component for caravan and motorhome owners

Compact Size: 

Allows for easy storage when not in use
Convenient for space-conscious caravan owners

Durable Construction: 

Long-lasting and robust build
Ensures years of reliable use for peace of mind

Easy Addition to Caravan Setup:

Simple to incorporate into existing towing systems
Essential for a safe and worry-free towing experience