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Cable Hatch To Suit Avan Caravan Camper



Cable hatch to suit avan.
Face Dimension - Approx. 130mm
Cutout Dimension - Approx. 80mm
Rear of cable hatch sits inside the motorhome/caravan/camper.
Upgrade the connectivity of your Avan Caravan Camper with our Cable Hatch designed to enhance accessibility and organization. This thoughtfully crafted hatch provides a streamlined solution for managing cables and connections, ensuring a neat and efficient setup for your caravan adventures.
Key Features:
Tailored for Avan Caravans: Specifically designed to suit Avan Caravan Campers, this cable hatch ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your vehicle's exterior.
Neat Cable Management: Say goodbye to tangled and messy cables. The Cable Hatch organizes and secures your cables, offering a tidy solution for power cords, TV cables, and other connections associated with your caravan.
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this hatch is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor travel. Its robust construction ensures durability, providing long-lasting protection for your cables and connections.
Easy Access: The hatch features a user-friendly design for easy access to your cables whenever needed. Whether setting up at a campsite or preparing for a journey, convenient access to your connections is just a hatch away.
Secure Closure: The Cable Hatch comes with a secure closure mechanism, keeping your cables protected from the elements. Rest assured that your connections are shielded from dust, debris, and adverse weather conditions.
Sleek and Low-Profile Design: Designed with aesthetics in mind, the low-profile and sleek design of the Cable Hatch seamlessly integrates with the exterior of your Avan
Caravan Camper, enhancing the overall look of your vehicle.
Versatile Applications: Beyond cable management, this hatch is versatile and can be used for various applications. Whether for electrical connections, water inlets, or other purposes, the hatch adapts to your specific needs.
Easy Installation: Installing the Cable Hatch is a straightforward process. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your caravan's connectivity.
Elevate your caravan experience with the Cable Hatch tailored for Avan Caravan Campers. Enjoy the benefits of organized cables, easy access to connections, and a sleek exterior appearance that complements your adventurous lifestyle.
Upgrade today and discover a new level of convenience and organization with the Cable Hatch designed for Avan Caravan Campers.
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