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Camec Whale One-way In-line Valve 1/2" Non-return Fv1227


Camec Whale One-way In-line Valve 1/2" Non-return Fv1227

Camec Whale One-way In-line Valve: A crucial plumbing component for caravan or RV owners to prevent water system damage.

Non-Return Functionality (FV1227): Designed with a non-return feature to ensure water flows in only one direction, avoiding potential damage.

Manufacturer Part Number FV1227: Identified by the unique manufacturer part number FV1227, offering a specific reference for compatibility and ordering.

Prevent Backflow Damage: Essential for preventing water from flowing back into the water system, safeguarding against potential damage.

Made by Whale: Manufactured by Whale, a reputable brand known for producing high-quality caravan and RV accessories.

Suitable for 1/2" Hoses: Specifically designed for use with 1/2" hoses, ensuring compatibility with standard plumbing configurations.

Protect Your Water System: A must-have accessory to protect your caravan or RV's water system from the risk of damage.

Ensure Proper Functionality: Installing the Whale One-way In-line Valve guarantees proper water flow management, promoting the longevity of your plumbing system.

Peace of Mind for RV Owners: Offers peace of mind to caravan or RV owners, knowing that their water system is safeguarded against potential issues.
Ideal for use with electric pumps
Suitable for connection to 13mm ½" flexible hose
Ensure the valve is installed with the arrow pointing in direction of water flow